Thursday, February 17, 2011


I just got a cool reference website in my Twitter feed that is worth sharing!  The site is called Fotopedia and it is a visual encyclopedia full of images and information!

All you do is search the site based on the subject or topic you are teaching. Some examples I tried were Landforms, Fish, Texas, Presidents, etc.  Your results bring you a collection of photographs illustrating the subject along with an informational description with links to Wikipedia articles**.

 Check it out!

** As with all things Wikipedia, make sure to take facts with a grain of salt since anyone can add information.  This is another great avenue to discuss with students how not everything you read on the web is the most reliable information and to search with caution.  :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

TCEA 2011 - The Backstory

So my first TCEA as an attendee has came and went.  I tried to soak up every ounce from it.  It reminded me what I came to CISD to do - integrate and teach technology and excite others regarding technology.  But the truth is, behind my twitter updates and blog check in's, something else was going on.

I was sick.

Not just a little cold, or a sniffle, but full on, shivers and fever sick. The kind of sick where every ounce of your body hurts.  The kind of sick where you know you should be in bed or at a doctor's office or curled up somewhere near your mommy.

That being said, TCEA still rocked.  I still learned so much.  I was able to find energy and enjoy.  But it reminds me that at the end of the comes down to a choice.  We all can choose to curl up and get in bed or we can choose to fight through and get the most from the day.

I am glad I did...I would never be able to share this cool resource if I didn't!

50 Ways to Integrate Technology Tomorrow

Thursday, February 10, 2011

TCEA - So Much to Learn, so Little Time!

TCEA rules!  Here is a Weblist of some of the things I am excited about...I'll keep adding to it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today I am attending TATN at TCEA.  TATN stands for Technology Applications Teacher Network.  Many of the presenters today are classroom teachers sharing ideas of how they have integrated technology into their classrooms.

So far, I have learned about movie mashups, using Prezi for problem solving in Math, bilingual activities for grades k-2 and more!

Here are my favorite links to resources so far....

Pam Cranford's Blog:

Some SMART resources from Tequipment:

 Learn more about TATN and see some of the lessons shared today here:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Shape Poems

Just got a great tweet from TCEA for younger grades - these are sites that allow students to create shape poems. Easy enough for K-2, but great for 3-5 writing too! Check them out!

TCEA 2011

I am excited to be blogging LIVE from TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX. This is my first time attending as an attendee and not an exhibitor/presenter! I have already learned a bunch at Google Academy this morning. It reminds me how much of a PD NERD I am...I love to learn!!!

More to come...