Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back from the Island, I've landed at the Creeks

Every few years, I like to kick myself out of my comfort zone and land in a new adventure.  Fresh off "The Island," having worked at Study Island for four years, I have come to land in Coppell ISD as an Integration Specialist for "The Creeks" - Cottwood and Denton.  It makes sense to those who really know me - after all, I decided to be a teacher while running the YMCA afterschool program at Mockingbird in CISD years ago.  They know that education is a passion and this district is where I have always wanted to be.  So I decided to take my experience in teaching, training and educational technology and leap.  Welcome to my free fall!

I hope to share what I am learning with you here - yes, I said it.  I am not an expert.  But I do know how to learn and teach and I am not afraid to learn from you too.  So grab your flash drives, isomething<insert pod, touch, pad etc. here>, smart boards, etc. and head with me to the Creeks. 

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