Sunday, August 29, 2010

Observations of the First Week

Wow...what a great week!  I expected to walk the halls of my campuses and see teachers too busy working on first week stuff to include technology.  I totally underestimated them.  What I really saw was Smart board attendance with balloons popping, thinking maps via Smart board, wallwisher activities (you should check this out if you have never heard of a wallwisher  - very cool response activity - ), worksheets completed via document cameras instead of massive copies, etc.  It makes me so excited that the teachers are rearing to go with technology.  What will we see on the 21st week of school if this is what is going on the 1st week?

This coming week I plan to meet with teams and begin a heavier observation schedule.  I have been welcomed into classrooms with open arms and can't wait to spend time with teachers and students. I can't wait to share what I see next!

I'd really like to do a regular post series that does in depth on a tool or idea being used in our classrooms so if you are doing something awesome with a particular tool or want to know more about a tool or idea, comment away!

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