Friday, April 1, 2011

Edcamp Plano

Registration for edcamp Plano begins today!  Edcamp Plano is a free unconference designed to allow teachers to collaborate, learn and share ideas about technology! The inconference set up means there is a relaxed and fluid atmosphere.  Educators meet over coffee the first hour and break into impromptu sessions after.  If you like a session, stay, if you don't, you can move to another one.  If you want to present a session, simply sign up on the main board the day of the event.  All are welcome to attend and/or present!

Learn more about edcamp Plano at the official wiki for the event. Registration is easy! 

If you are a teacher at one of the creeks, this event has been approved for flex credit consideration.  You will want to sign up in Eduphoria as well as on the unconference website in order to be eligible for credit!


  1. I am eager to see what EdCamp Plano is all about. When teachers come together in a format like this, great things are sure to happen!

  2. Yes, I am giving up a Saturday to attend EdCamp Plano, but I am SUPER excited about it!
    It sounds like it's the place to be! Teachers learning together! What a powerful thing!
    Thanks for spreading the word about it, Alli!