Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Latest Obsession

I got on my computer tonight thinking, I'll just clean up loose ends from last week, maybe check my Twitter feed and then bask in the last few moments of my weekend.  Here I sit (lay wireless!!), 2 hours later. Yes, blog readers, I am obsessed with a new tool.

Let me introduce you to the best organizational thing since the invention of the Trapper Keeper, the LiveBinder.

What is a LiveBinder, you ask?

It is a collections of weblinks and resources organized as if you were looking at a 3 ring binder, complete with tabs and subtabs.

I have seen them for awhile now and have graciously used and suggested resources from some very awesome ones, even started my LiveBinder shelf of favorites.  But today, well, today I have started creating one.

Let's ignore the fact that I am a bit organizationally challenged by nature and that creating these is one of the easiest things I have encountered all year.

 There is a library of LiveBinders that other people have created for education. A public library.

At the very least, I will be recommending teachers search this library and use resources and references as needed.  However, I will also be suggesting uses in the classroom for creating LiveBinders as well.  The binder I am creating is one my co-trainer Toni and I can use to train my upcoming PD series, Engaging Students through Web 2.0.

Among other things, I see teachers using this resource for:
  • Resource libraries for student units
  • Student ePortfolios
  • Educator PLC resources
  • Team Planning Resources
  • Author Studies
  • Book Units
  • And More*
* Stopping my list because as I mentioned is late on Sunday evening.  :)  There's many more I could see and would be happy to discuss with you!

I will list some favorite LiveBinders of mine in an upcoming post!  For now, check out LiveBinders at the link below.

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